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Maintenance at Burnfoot Wind Farm

Burnfoot Wind Farm was a project that Waitings initially worked on over five years ago, installing the ducting and cables for the exporting of electricity to a substation at Alva in Sterling, Scotland.

The wind farm was initially for 13 wind turbines but over the last year it has been expanded to 22.

Waitings have a winter maintenance contract in place at Burnfoot – down time of a turbine is very costly, so Waitings are on standby. When called upon, the team deploy tractors, snow blowers and Land Rovers to clear the path up to the wind farm, allowing the technicians access to do their repairs.

To compliment the heavy equipment we have a trained banks men in Land Rovers who travel the road to the wind farm while the snow blowers are working. They report to base every hour detailing the progress that has been made, also reporting to colleagues on the diggers/snow blowers if the access road behind them is becoming impassable.

Waitings also provide this service at Long Park Wind Farm, Galashiels and at Fallago Rig Wind Farm, Dunns. This contract also extends to general maintenance of all of the clients' wind based assets on shore.

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